Did you know there are only 56 days left until Christmas??

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I’m sure many of your children know it even if you don’t want to think about it. And I bet many have their lists made out already, too, right?

What if you couldn’t afford Christmas? What if your excited child(ren) was bouncing around talking about Christmas and wanting that new Barbie doll and her car or that awesome Hot Wheels that shoots halfway across the room but deep inside you know you’re doing all you can to provide for their daily needs and just don’t have a way to provide Christmas gifts. How can you explain to a wee one that Santa visited her classmate but didn’t visit her? Well, it’s happening…to many families in the Triangle area here. cry emoticon

Carolina Cares has taken on helping almost 50 families with a combined total of just shy of 300 children! We want to give these families the best Christmas possible and help these parents get thru it w/o being stressed and having to tell their young children that they just can’t make it happen. Can YOU help US make their Christmas that much brighter? Go purge out those toy boxes or hit those before Christmas sales. It’s season change, do you have some good condition clothes that your young one has grown what seems like 6″ since last winter and can’t wear anymore? Let us put them to use with someone who really needs them.

How can you help? We’re looking for donations of new or gently used toys, new or gently used clothing for children of all ages toddler thru high school, donations of toiletry type items (shampoo/conditioner, soap/body wash, toothbrushes & toothpaste) and non-perishable goods to give each family a Holiday meal they can prepare.

If you have any of these items and would like to donate them or would like to volunteer your time to help with our event the 1st weekend of December please send us a message OR an email to [email protected] and the Founder, Co-Founder or a Co-Director will be glad to get back with you and set up a time/place to meet or come pick up your donations or get you directed to the right person to sign up to volunteer.

Please join us in our FaceBook group, Carolina Cares, to see the other things that we do to help the community all year long. IE: Feed The Homeless the 2nd Sat of every month, make weekly bread drops in various areas around the Triangle to help those in need, help families with food, clothing and resources for housing or utility bill assistance among many other things!