Odyssey – Designed to bear the extremes of high-performance engines…

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At the Antawn Jamison’s Blog, we can stock Odyssey Extreme racing batteries for Motorcycles, Automotive, ATV’S, Racing boats and Snowmobiles. The Odyssey Extreme brand is constructed and designed to provide your battery an ability to withstand all the extremes of the high-performance pursuits as extreme heat, constant pounding, high vibration, high revving, and power sapping engines.

Phenomenal will be massive and power to reserve all the energy in the battery!

Many batteries will provide you with many cranking energy. Besides, they will have a reserve energy. And we have designed the new ODYSSEY® of the battery will finish them together.

Why can this do this work? It is designed with many high – quality material to store energy.

The  battteries of ODYSSEY will supply you a tool which can help you crank any  pulses you want. They can work even temperatures down to very low. And they will have an opportunity to get many charges or discharge cycles which can reach nearly 100% the depth when you are discharging this batteries.

That cooperation of performance and power will make ODYSSEY batteries perfectly for the whole world. They will include marine, automotive/LTV, power sports, and commercial.

They are designed and created to last up to 3 times as long.

With the help of rugged construction and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) designation, ODYSSEY batteries can have a design experience for 8-12 years and a service life for 3-10 year . The connections of Welded intercell will enable it to withstand extreme vibration. In addition, AGM design will hold acid in place to prevent spills. When installing on its side, AGM will also work well. And different from conventional batteries, ODYSSEY batteries will be stored for 2 years and they are returned to the full power.

Odyssey batteries provide:

  • Longer Service Life
  • Better Warranty
  • Longer Cycle Life
  • Faster Recharge
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Mounting Flexibility
  • Extreme Temperature Tolerant
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Improved Safety
  • Totally Maintenance Free

It is the ideal for you to use the Odyssey Extreme racing battery to get a complete range of racing applications. Hope you enjoy this  Odyssey.

  • Address
    2366 Bernville Rd, Reading, Pennsylvania 19605
  • Short Description
    ODYSSEY Battery’s high-quality products are manufactured to provide superior performance for a variety of power applications. Learn More at www.ODYSSEYBattery.com
  • Company Overview

    ODYSSEY Battery’s products are manufactured by EnerSys Energy Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of EnerSys.

    More information about EnerSys can be found at www.EnerSys.com.

    ODYSSEY Battery’s products are manufactured to strict quality standards in two facilities globally: Warrensburg, Missouri USA and Newport, Wales United Kingdom.

  • Long Description

    All of ODYSSEY Battery’s power products are designed to provide enormous cranking power, deep cycle reserve power, and three times the life of conventional batteries. This is due to their unparalleled build quality, pure virgin lead construction, and stringent design specifications.

    Constructed from 99.99% pure virgin lead, ODYSSEY Battery’s products deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries.

    ODYSSEY Battery’s rugged construction and sealed, drycell AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design enable them to withstand extreme vibration as well as prevent failure, leaks, and spills.

    ODYSSEY batteries maintain up to 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries (up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge). They also last up to 10 years in engine-start operation versus 2-3 years for conventional batteries.

  • Mission
    ODYSSEY Battery strives to manufacture high-quality products that provide reliable power and superior performance.
  • Products

    ODYSSEY Battery’s products suit a variety of power application needs, including:

    – Automotive / LTV
    – Extreme Racing See More

  • Phone
    +1 610-208-1991
  • Email
    [email protected]

How to Store Batteries during winter?

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The temperature is plunging lower with every fleeting week. The season no fan needs to consider. It’s the ideal opportunity for one final drive before you toss the spread over the paint for winter stockpiling.

While putting away your vehicle for winter, something that may get ignored is the battery. As a devotee, you definitely realize that you need to keep up the battery while you’re making the most of your drive, however genuine battery storing amid the off-season is pretty much as imperative. Here are some batteries stowing tips that will guarantee your battery is in great working request when it’s idyllic opportunity to pull the spread off.

Points to Imitate:

All batteries progressively drop their charge when put away over drawn out stretches of period. Be that as it may, AGM batteries, including superior OPTIMA® batteries, lose their charge a great deal gradually. This keeps the battery from turning out to be deeply discharged amid storage; however it won’t totally shield it from harm.

Although when your vehicle is turned off, there still may be a strain on the battery. This is particularly valid for more current vehicles outfitted with PCs, alert systems and clocks that keep on running all the same when the automobile is off. After some time, these will deplete a battery to voltages excessively low to jolt the vehicle. It could even keep on depleting to the point of harming the battery.

You can significantly broaden the life of the battery and evade changeless harm by following these forthright storing tips.

Battery Stowing in Vehicles:

You can remove the battery from your vehicle amid storage, yet now and again, access can be a trial. Along these lines, it might be less demanding to abandon it in. That is fine, yet you’ll have to disengage it to avert leakage brought about by electronic gadgets.

To start with, check the voltage to guarantee the battery has a complete charge. On the off chance that it’s not completely charged, give it a full charge before storing. At that point, release the negative terminal and separate it from the battery. Every single electrical draw on the battery will stop and your battery will be secured.

In springtime, the battery will have depleted some; however ought to still have enough energy to start your vehicle. Try not to surrender it over to the alternator to completely energize the battery, because that is not what it’s for. Rather, utilize a battery charger to finish it off. You’ll amplify the life of the battery like this.

Preserving Batteries:

You might need to think about utilizing a battery maintainer to keep the battery at full capacity amid storage. This is the technique that OPTIMA batteries prescribe.

After your vehicle is put away, simply connect the battery maintainer with the battery of the vehicle, socket it in and leave. This will guarantee a full charge when you’re prepared for your first drive in spring.

Some battery maintainers, similar to the OPTIMA® Chargers Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger and Maintainer, additionally incorporate ring terminal leads. These will give you simpler access to keep up the battery both amid storing and amid the energetic time of year. Attach the leads to the battery links and extend them so they’re reachable from under a bumper or wheel well. The leads can stay there uncertainly, so you’ll never need to open the lid to keep the battery completely charged.

You’ll augment the life of your battery and guarantee your vehicle is good to go in spring with these straightforward battery stockpiling tips. Simply recollect checking the battery’s charge before your chief drive regardless of what stockpiling strategy you apply.