Odyssey – Designed to bear the extremes of high-performance engines…

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At the Antawn Jamison’s Blog, we can stock Odyssey Extreme racing batteries for Motorcycles, Automotive, ATV’S, Racing boats and Snowmobiles. The Odyssey Extreme brand is constructed and designed to provide your battery an ability to withstand all the extremes of the high-performance pursuits as extreme heat, constant pounding, high vibration, high revving, and power sapping engines.

Phenomenal will be massive and power to reserve all the energy in the battery!

Many batteries will provide you with many cranking energy. Besides, they will have a reserve energy. And we have designed the new ODYSSEY® of the battery will finish them together.

Why can this do this work? It is designed with many high – quality material to store energy.

The  battteries of ODYSSEY will supply you a tool which can help you crank any  pulses you want. They can work even temperatures down to very low. And they will have an opportunity to get many charges or discharge cycles which can reach nearly 100% the depth when you are discharging this batteries.

That cooperation of performance and power will make ODYSSEY batteries perfectly for the whole world. They will include marine, automotive/LTV, power sports, and commercial.

They are designed and created to last up to 3 times as long.

With the help of rugged construction and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) designation, ODYSSEY batteries can have a design experience for 8-12 years and a service life for 3-10 year . The connections of Welded intercell will enable it to withstand extreme vibration. In addition, AGM design will hold acid in place to prevent spills. When installing on its side, AGM will also work well. And different from conventional batteries, ODYSSEY batteries will be stored for 2 years and they are returned to the full power.

Odyssey batteries provide:

It is the ideal for you to use the Odyssey Extreme racing battery to get a complete range of racing applications. Hope you enjoy this  Odyssey.


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