God will never leave you!

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godBeen up since 3am .I’m going to Church this morning 😉 Lord , you know my heart. I’m trying so hard even tho I fell You so many times and I feel like a failure but You loved ne me anyway and You never give upon on me .I know you live in me and brought me back for a reason even tho I get down on myself sometimes. Lord , help me to found myself again and help me to do better than I did yesterday. my pass is the pass I cant change it but I can change the future. I know all my tears I shed , God records them in His book .Lot my tears are there. Sometimes I dont know what to say when I pray but He knows my tears. Yes I go to Church Sunday morning and I love it. I dont see how anyone walks around without God in their life cause I need Him everyday. Even tho I’m so unworthy but He love me enough to give His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to died for me . I have a relationship with God. We talk everyday He knows me. If you dont have a relationship with God its time to get one .Lord , help me to become a better person and help me to read Your word more .When Jesus was hung on that cross , He was thinking bout each and everyone of us. He took our sins and transgressions upon himself that day to give us the choice to except him as our Lord and saviour. He cld came off that cross but thank God he didn’t. Thank God , He shed His blood for us and went through everything He did just for us. I dont see how anyone does not believe in God. To plp that dont believe in God one day you wish you had and it ‘ve to late. Dont be deceived by satan and his lies. Stay pray up dont give him a step hold in your life. He will seek in like a lion to see who he can devour. He comes through your mind . I rebuke you satan. I hate when plp blame God for everything remember everything is not of God or hear plp say God made do it .when they do evil things. That wasn’t GOD , GOD IS LOVE. satan makes plp do evil things. satan knows his time is short and he trying to destroy plp and everything .But we all know who wins in the . ( GOD DOES ) Were fighting with the Prince of principalities. Dont give upon GOD He never gave upon us. He sacrificed His Son for us. This is my opinion , I believe Jesus crys for us knowing what we are going through here on earth , He feels our pain , disappointments and etc.If you have never excepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior , today is the day if salvation. Thank You ,Lord for Loving me and my salvation. The greastest gift we can receive.


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chicagoSo, I hope everyone’s Sunday is blessed like only our father can bless it. I don’t have a writing as usual but more a thought to share. Yesterday afternoon I was at the gas station waiting for Bobby Watson to pick me up for work and enjoying the awesome weather. As I stood they’re observing the people hustling around me a thought came to me. About a year ago I was at another gas station doing the same thing, but it was totally different then yesterday. First of all I wasn’t in Cuba Missouri but in St Louis. I was more than likely high or dope sick and more than likely either waiting on my drug dealer or getting gas to meet my drug dealer. I remember I used to observe other people and wonder how they lived a normal life, normal meaning not having a drug addiction and being able to function. I used to envy those people and be jealous that I didn’t have what they had. A worry free day. That is not to have to worry about getting dope sick, or having to worry about where my next fix was coming. Or having to go steal and worry about when I was going to go to jail. Everyday when me and my brother left to put our hustle on, we always wondered if we would make it back home that night or be sitting in a jail cell. The ? Wasn’t if but when. Today I thought about all this. But today I wasn’t on my way to hustle or get high, I was on my way to work. I was waiting for my brother in Christ to show up with a smile, instead of my drug dealer. And instead of wondering what it was like to be drug Free I was wondering why God loved me so much he gave his own begotten son to pay for all those sins that I was committing a year ago. I was wondering why I was alive and not dead. I was wondering about the girl that was tweaking so hard in her car that she couldn’t get out with her friend and go in the station. I was wondering if she was wondering what I was wondering a year ago. So I did the only thing I knew how to do. I bowed my head and prayed. I prayed and thanked God that I was going to work and feeling normal. And I was actually going to be able to work 12 hours and that I had a normal life and a normal job. Thank you God for loving me and blessing me with not having to wonder about being normal. And thank you lord for blessing me with normal. NORMAL IS AWESOME LORD. Amen.